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Buy Now Pay Later is a growing business. Most of you have heard of them. BNPL, Shop Now Pay Later Sites, Get Now Pay Later Apps, POS Financing – all of these means the same. You pay for goods now and pay for them later.

Because of the huge interest in this topic, ElitePersonalFinance dug into details and created this comprehensive guide. Here we will give you all of the information on this business. We will also review all of the best Buy Now Pay Later Apps and Sites.

Are you looking for electronics or probably some clothes? No cash now – no problem. Could you get what you want and pay for it later? It looks like a great deal!

And if we add the fact that most of these companies offer interest-free payment, approve bad credit. Actually, most of them approve people without checking it. This makes them look beautiful to many customers.

But is this always so good? In fact, this type of business also gets many negative comments. Most of them come from the fact that this actually is type manipulation. BNPL businesses actually slightly try to trick people into buying more than they planned by offering goods for free, without interests and credit checks… we call it overspending!!! People buy stuff that they are not sure can they afford to pay later. And some of them, especially those with bad credit, end up getting expensive payday loans to pay for their interest-free BNPL loan.

And honestly, from a financial standpoint, in some cases, they are not always the best loan solution for most of us, even if their loans are interest-free with no-catch.

Pros and Cons of Buy Now Pay Later Companies


  • Some BNPL companies really offer interest-free types of loans, and there is no catch. But this is not true for all of them…
  • Some BNPL companies work with people with bad credit. Some of them even don’t check it.
  • Fast and easy approval.
  • They work with many large and even local stores.
  • Some companies don’t require you to pay anything on the day you buy.
  • BNPL is a high-growing business. Many sites and apps are offering more and more competitive products to choose from. Like in every growing business where the competition increase, customers always expect new and more attractive offers.


  • It’s a manipulation that leads people to make fast and not always correct their buying decisions. These companies typically lead to overspending.
  • People buy things that they not always can repay on time. This is common, especially for those with bad credit and low finances. These people typically would get denied a loan because lenders consider them risky or not payable. And with the right! People who can’t afford to pay their loans shouldn’t get any at all, especially if it is for unnecessary stuff like electronics, clothes, etc. BNPL offers an easy solution for those people, leading them into financial problems very soon. You definitely don’t want to get an expensive payday loan to pay for your interest-free loan, which unfortunately happens to many people. This could lead some people to financial problems even in a debt cycle.
  • Some of them have late fees or even hidden fees.
  • As a type of loan, they are not always the best solution. Let’s now talk a little bit about traditional loans when it comes to buying stuff.

Buy Now Pay Later Sites vs. Traditional Loan Companies

Your first question probably will be which of those is better. Well, it’s totally up to the overall loan terms and your budget.

BNPL could be a better choice for some of you, but for most, loans remain better, even if they charge some late fees.

In brief:

  • Buy Now Pay Later Sites can be found with no interest, but their terms are very short, and they are not always good for your actual budget.
  • Loans come with interest fees (for those with good credit, they are very low), but their repayments can be set times better. This makes them a good option for people with a tight budget.
  • Personal loans don’t restrict people from using their money, so they can be a great alternative to Buy Now Pay Later Sites.
  • Applying for a personal loan is free, there is no obligation on accepting the offer, and there is no hard credit pull, so you can apply for as many as you wish.

If you plan to use some of these Buy Now Pay Later companies, you shouldn’t miss personal loans.

We have all of them on our marketplace. Here are a few links that we recommend:

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Here are all categories from our marketplace:

But when we talk about bad credit. Is it a smart decision to use Buy Now Pay Later Companies if you with low income or/and bad credit for things you even aren’t so necessary for you, only because you will be approved and your credit score wouldn’t be checked? Think again!

Also, bad credit loans and payday loans are totally different things. People with bad credit can get cheaper loans than payday loans, even with bad credit.

We recommend reading our comprehensive bad credit loan guide or watching our video for people planning to learn more about the truth about bad credit loans or people who plan to use them to repay their no-interest BNPL fee.

Watch our video first and then visit our marketplace, or if you have any questions, ask us at our help center:

So, BNPL companies are not always the best choice for loans, if we have to be honest. They have their advantages vs. traditional personal loans, but also their disadvantages.

The main problem with these companies is that they offer relatively short types of repayments. Typically people are required to repay the money in 4 payments every 2 weeks. If there is a delay, there some companies charge late fees. This situation actually puts you not in the best situation in terms of your overall creditworthiness. In the period that you repay the money, you actually significantly boost your credit risk and lower your chances of being approved on another personal loan or a credit card.


You make $1,000 per month. $500 from this money makes your living. And if you go and get stuff for $2,000, which will have to be repaid in 4 installments for 2 months, you actually should pay $1,000 per month.

First of all, this loads your budget.

If you apply for a loan or a credit card in a position like this, most lenders will deny you for a reason – unpayable. You can’t be approved for a loan that costs you even $100 per month because you can’t prove an income that is enough to pay it.

Now, let’s say what would happen if you decided to get a loan for $2,000 and repay it for one or a few years. How you set your terms will cost you a few hundred or even less than $100 per month. In this case, you will lower your monthly payments, and first of all, you won’t have problems paying the amount, and second, you will remain a low risk for lenders – you didn’t get an amount that you can’t afford to pay. And lenders will be able to provide you with another loan if you want.

And finally, here they are:

Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps and Sites 2021





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